The results of the SONATA 16 competition announced by the National Science Center (NCN) in Krakow are already known. The list of grants that have received funding also includes the project of PhD Grzegorz Kwiatkowski: “Impairment of coronary microcirculation in a mouse model of a heart failure“. The research will be carried out at the interdisciplinary laboratory of the Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics (JCET).

  • Budget: PLN 1 462 962
  • Implementation period: 36 months

In this project we aim to apply new protocols using advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging methods to directly and indirectly observe changes in microvascular status occurring in coronary microcirculatory system and the corresponding impairment of the cardiac blood flow supply (so-called perfusion) using a murine model of heart failure. For this purpose, we plan to use a special breed of mice that over their life-span develop a cardiac impairment which is very similar to what we observe in human patients with congestive heart failure. We plan to probe the changes in coronary microcirculation during the whole progression of heart failure in animals and later to use the newly acquire knowledge to assess the effect of pharmacotherapy with several medication groups, commonly used to treat heart failure in humans.