25th Krakow Conference on Endothelium

25th Krakow Conference on Endothelium will be organized on 20th-21st October 2017, in International Cultural Centre (MCK), Main Market Square, in Krakow. This year the conference will continue the tradition of many years of annual conferences focused on the subject of vascular endothelium initiated by Professor Ryszard Gryglewski and organized since 1993, initially (1993-2009) as JMRC (Jagiellonian Medical Research Centre) symposia, later (2010-2016) as interdisciplinary JCET Seminaria. This year our meeting  is planned as the Jubilee 25th Conference which will be as always an interdisciplinary meeting dealing with a wide scope of topics related to endothelial biomedicine.  The important part of the meeting will be the poster session of a special scheme allowing young scientists taking part in the conference to present  the results of their research in a concise way in the session entitled „invitation to posters” – followed by „poster” discussion. This scheme proved highly successful in our recent JCET seminars and comprises usually 60 – 80 poster presentations. The best of them are awarded.

We count on this formula of the conference to allow for continuation of building of the endothelium research platform which emerged from the experience of recent seven interdisciplinary JCET seminars gathering over ten research centres in Poland. We now intend to achieve international perspectives for this „endothelium research working platform”.

Registration fee 700 PLN, and for young research workers up to 35 years of age, and doctor’s degree graduates – 400 PLN.

The registration fee covers the full costs of participation in the conference, excluding costs of accommodation. For more details please contact Ms Anna Glodowicz (email: anna.glodowicz@jcet.eu).