CXXXI JCET’s lecture: Prof. Ulf D. Kahlert

We invite you to the next, open JCET lecture in 2023.

Synthetic tumor stem cells and co-clinical organoid platform for the individualization of cancer therapeutic

Prof. Ulf D. Kahlert  (Head of Department of Molecular and Experimental Surgery, Clinic for General,Visceral and Vascular Surgery, Otto-von-Guericke Univeristy Magdeburg [Prof. RS Croner], Germany)

Wednesday, March 01, 2023, at 2.00 pm

Bobrzyńskiego 14 Street, Krakow,
building C of the Life Science Park, Cinema Hall


Regulations for Research Support Module: Doctoral School Biomedical Sciences

Modern biology is very diverse with a plethora of sophisticated techniques that utilize reagents that are specifically designed to support those techniques and come in the form specialized media, labeled reagents, tool compounds, antibodies, fluorescent probes, PCR primers, a multitude of kits and disposable items such as columns to name but a few. To increase the quality of our doctoral students research projects, they know what they want to do to get better data but are frequently limited by the cost of these essential reagents that result in either not doing the experiment or choosing a cheaper option to get data that is okay but will not reach the threshold to get better publications.
Therefore for the Biomedical Doctoral School that resides within the Natural and Exact Sciences, is requesting to use the ID.UJ Research Support Module money for reagent and disposable item purchases for our doctoral students. The awards of 13000 PLN will go to up to 10 students that give the strongest rationale for how the reagent money and disposable items can improve their quality of research. The remaining small portion of money will be for administrative support to process invoices.