Laboratory of Analytics and Pharmacokinetics (JCET)

Pracownia analityki i farmakokinetykiAssistant Professor Maria Walczak together with her colleagues has for many years been carrying out research in the field of development and validation of analytical methods for the analysis of low and high molecular compounds in biological matrices.The group led by Assistant Professor Maria Walczak has vast experience in techniques of pharmacokinetic profiling (ADME) of new compounds – potential drugs, searching for their metabolic pathways, analysis of binding of the drugs to blood proteins and biomarker analysis of their pharmacological response. The activity of the Laboratory of Analytics and Pharmacokinetics will include studies on the endothelial biomarkers (e.g. endothelins, angiotensins, eicosanoids) and studies on pharmacokinetics and metabolism of novel compounds targeted to endothelium. Results of these studies will help to establish the dosing of the investigated compounds, to explain their mechanism of action, as well as to predict possible drug interactions.

Micro high-performance liquid chromatograph UltiMate 3000 (Dionex) coupled with LTQ XL Orbitrap Discovery mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific). This spectrometer is a high-tech mass analyzer, a combination of linear ion trap with a high-resolution electrostatic FT-MS type detector. The device is equipped with electrosprayionization heads and dynamic nanospray, it is capable of ion detection in both spin trap and in fourier analyzer in the mass range from 50 to 4000 Da, with 2ppm measurement accuracy and 30 000 resolution. Micro-HPLC system can work with UV-Vis detector.

Ultra-performance liquid chromatograph UltiMate 3000 (Dionex) coupled with TSQ Quantum Ultra mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific). Spectrometer which is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with a curved collision chamber, equipped with heated electrospray (HESI) type ionization heads, atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and atmospheric pressure photon ionization (APPI).

Beckman Coulter’s capillary electrophoresis technology – programmable automated system for high voltage compound separation. The technology allows simultaneous application of constant or gradient voltage, intensity or power with constant or gradient pressure or vacuum. The system is used for determination of concetration of active compounds in the biological matrix, studies of drug binding to blood proteins and for chiral analysis.

Turboflow Transcend system (Thermo Scientific) – analytical system for sample purification using turbulent flow technology. The device is used in the purification process of the compounds from biological matrices (e.g. from whole blood, serum, plasma).